Forum Rules (Read before posting on the forums.)

Forum Rules

Let's show the world how disciples relate to one another with these forums! This means we need to practice exemplifying the values provided by the Bible. Rules subject to additions and edits.

1. No cursing.

2. No adult content. Keep it G rated for the most part. Sometimes we might discuss more mature issues, but they must be discussed from a Biblical perspective and with discretion.

3. No flaming (writing things in anger at another person.)

4. No spam (irrelevant posts or advertisements.) This includes promotional content and referral links.

5. Treat everyone with respect.

6. Practice the tips found on the Discipleship page of the Wiki in your interaction with other people.

7. Know how to use these forums. General Policies and FAQ

Anybody who violates these rules may be banned. This IS the Disciple Wiki, so we must act like disciples of Jesus. For that reason, we are holding these forums to greater standards than most forums are. Thanks for your patience, and have fun!