This page is a directory of Christian Bloggers.

To be included on this page, a Blogger must post at least a few faith-related posts each month. They must post content that is appropriate for all ages, and their site should look reasonably presentable. Their writing should be professional and exemplify discipleship.


Do not link the author's name to their blog. Instead, an author's name should only be clickable if they either have a Disciple Wiki username, or a Wiki page dedicated to them. This is NOT permission for a Blogger to make a page for their name. Self-promotion is only allowed on user-pages.

Authors should follow the following format:

Name - Blog Title

The name may be clickable following the above requirements. Blog Title should not be clickable. This may be changed in the future.

Christian Blog Authors (Alphabetical Order)Edit

J.T. Smith - BrainofJT