For those people who are not getting enough out of the Bible or don't know where to begin reading, this page is a tutorial on getting the most out of reading the Bible.

Read the GospelsEdit

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are great starting points for the first-time Bible reader. These passages will give you an understanding of how Jesus lived his time here on Earth. They also give an account for Jesus's death and resurrection.

Absolute Truth, but Not Necessarily LiteralEdit

For the purpose of this Wiki, we'll assume that the book we base our faith on is absolute truth. While there are Christians who oppose this, many times they base their assumptions on popular culture rather than research.

What do we mean by "Not Necessarily Literal".

That means that you should take each passage of the Bible understanding the intended audience and the purpose the author was trying to convey. So to take a rule given to the Israelites and trying to follow it might be folly if you understand that those rules were intended to set the Israelites apart from the rest of the world, and aren't necessarily rules that have moral purpose to us today.

Similarly, if you were to take the parable about the lady with the two copper coins and use it literally, you would end up only donating two copper coins to your Church... which is obviously a problem. Instead, the intention behind the parable is absolutely true, though the literal translation of the parable never actually happened and is not instruction for us to follow.